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Jason went back to his dad’s place to help him move to Arizona. We’re not sure if he’s going to come back to Connecticut to stay with me, take over his dad’s place in Chicago, or move to Arizona with his dad.

Things seem to be calming down at my day job. That’s probably just temporary though. It has a habit of getting almost obscenely busy every now and again, and then we spend the rest of our time trying to catch up right before it gets busy again. The calm before the storm?

Soon I’ll be moving in with a friend outside of town so that I can finally put more money into savings, and pay off my debt faster. I did the “live on my own” thing for a while – and I love it, but I can sacrifice for a little while. And my friend’s cool, so I don’t expect any sort of major issues. I’m not sure how long I’ll end up staying. My goal is still to move out to the west coast. I applied for another job yesterday that I’m confident that I wouldn’t have any problems doing. It sounded perfect with the exception that it said “local candidates only”. Isn’t that always the case these days? hehe

We’ll see how it turns out. Hopefully they’ll call me. =D

*crosses fingers*

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