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Apparently my uncle’s neighbors and our family gathered a bunch of stuff for him and his animals. The Red Cross gave him some money to help out for now. One of my aunts are contacting the United Way to try to get his medical bills taken care of.
Things are looking much better.


It’s a little after 3 am and I just got off the phone with my mom. When you’re woken up at 2:30am on a weeknight by a call from your mother… that’s never going to be a happy phone conversation.

Apparently there’s been an accident – my uncle’s house caught fire due to a lightning strike. My mom wanted to call to let me know that everyone was alright because she figured I’d see it all over the news and get worried. Since I don’t typically watch the news or read the newspaper, I hadn’t heard about it. I had to go and find it myself. I was only able to find it here – and it doesn’t say too much about the fire.

Apparently, my uncle, his family, and a friend were at his place when a thunderstorm hit. Their friend ran outside to get the horses in the barn and away from the lightning. In the process, their friend was struck by lightning. Thankfully he was close enough to the metal fence to draw the current away from him in time to save his life. Unfortunately for my uncle’s family though, the spark or the surge made it’s way to the house and started a fire. My uncle had a bad mixture of things in his garage (directly under his apartment) – hay for the horses, and flammables for his welding and for his car, etc. That apparently caused a huge explosion which drew firetrucks from all the surrounding towns. Thankfully – somehow everyone managed to get out just in time.

No one seems to know how their friend is still alive. We’re amazed that my uncle was able to get down the stairs and outside before the explosion because of his broken leg and arm.

It sounds like my uncle’s had a streak of bad luck recently. He’s recently unemployed and I don’t think he has medical insurance. He doesn’t have a car at the moment. He was in a car accident and his car is still in the shop being repaired. A little while later, he was trying to repair his roof when he fell and broke both his hip and his arm. And then yesterday, his house and barn catching on fire. Most everything is burned. He doesn’t have power – so he has to stay at the house to keep an eye on the horses because the barn burned down and there’s no power yet to power the electric fence. He lowered his house insurance to the minimum because he couldn’t afford it with his house taxes and needed save up and fix his roof. Now the insurance will only cover the structural damage – it doesn’t cover replacing any of their stuff inside.

He has no blankets, beds, clothes, etc. My mom brought over some towels and clothes, etc – whatever she could. Family and friends apparently went down to the local Wal*Mart to get donations to help. I’m going to try to get some gift certificates so they can get some food and clothes.

If anyone has anything they can spare, please let me know.

Thank you.

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