I’m *SO* glad that DST is done. We’ve been busting our butts working on updating all of the server OS’s, applications, databases, etc., in preparation for DST for… 2 months now? Thank god it’s over. Maybe now I’ll be able to get some sleep or have some form of a life outside of work.

Granted, I didn’t need to work as much as I did. But the UNIX team had it tough because all of their servers’ patches were so out of date that they needed additional resources – and I volunteered to help whenever I could.

Maybe now we can finish the upstairs bedroom walls. We moved in, removed the wallpaper, and then got sucked into work projects and DST remediation for 8+ weeks and haven’t even finished unpacking. At this point we’re thinking of canceling the house warming party and just having a big outdoor bbq party or something in the summer.

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