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As part of my New Year’s resolution, I’m going to finally make good on all of the websites for local stores/restaurants that I’ve been wanting to do. I have all of these great ideas. Hopefully they’ll feel the same way and take me up on my offer.

So far I have my favorite restaurant – the owner has been wanting a web site for ages. I tried to approach him about it when I was unemployed – er… freelance? – but he already had a designer (who, 3+ yrs later has yet to produce anything as far as I can tell). Not like I’m much better. We’ve been talking about doing a website for him since… November? But then we found the house and started stressing out over getting the loan. Then DST.

Now is the time. I need it. I need to be more creative before IT burns me out or something.

I also just got an email from an old client. He was great to work for and would love to do some more work for him again. I just hope this time around I don’t end up having my day job completely suck all of my free time away from me again so I can actually complete his projects in a timely manner.


I just found out that there’s a tutorial to integrate WordPress and Vanilla. I’m going to try to implement it in a dev area to see how much I like it. Especially since there’s a new version of both scripts out now. I’ve been wanting to find one CMS to manage my entire site (journal, forum, static pages, etc), but have been unhappy with any of the solutions that I’ve looked at so far. Either their GUI completely sucks, it outputs html full of tables for the layout design (yuck!!), or it’s great – but far too complicated to try to figure out how to implement / template…

I think I’ll try this first. If I don’t like it… I’ll neglect my site for a bit longer while I work on client projects and revisit it when I get inspired again.


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