Don’t Touch My Wii

I do not yet own a Wii – though I really want one. The local stores don’t have them in stock, so I don’t yet have to worry about the strength of my will power to save some money and resist buying one just yet. If you haven’t played a Wii, I suggest you give it a try. The graphics aren’t the most beautiful and anti aliased – but they’re not supposed to be. It’s just ridiculously fun. Most geeks know that, and are either lucky/geeky enough to already have one, or are just waiting for them to become available so they can buy one.

Setup: Friend/coworker #1 will be bringing his Wii over to our place this weekend so that we can play. Friend/coworker #2 will be bringing his Wii’s controllers and games to supplement what the first friend’s bringing so that more people can play at once. Friend/coworker #3 does not own a Wii.

Friend/Coworkers #2 & 3 are standing around in my cubicle yesterday chatting about the Wii.

F/C#3: “Perhaps you should bring your Wii console on Saturday as well, so that I can steal it and bring it home with me and have a Wii of my own.”

F/C#2: “If you steal my Wii, I will have to feed you your kneecaps. With Alfredo sauce.”

Me to F/C#2: “I will be quoting you in my blog. That was just too great to not quote.”

F/C#2: “Awesome!”

Gotta love geeks.

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