Life in the Guest Room

So if our breathing wasn’t bad enough with our recent sinus infections / head colds – whatever you want to call them, we decided to tear down a wall.

We moved everything into the guest room – and I have to admit that after living in the master bedroom that was without wallpaper, primer, or paint (a nice WWII theme), that it was nice to stay in a room (albeit smaller) that had paint on the walls and curtains.

We started demo on Friday – removing the plaster from one wall. We removed the lath (thanks Andrew!) on Saturday, and put up some drywall (thanks Pete!) and reboxed the outlets on that wall last night. We have about 80% of the wall done – but the edges are going to require a bit more work because we’ll have to demo the connecting walls to find the studs.

If all goes well, we’ll be on our way to finish up the remaining walls in the room soon enough. 🙂

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