Two weeks can’t come soon enough. It’s like the application that we support knows that we’re leaving so it’s helping us go out with a bang. It continues to fail over and over and no one can agree on what the root cause is. Friday’s on-call was just exhausting. I was only the secondary but it was enough wipe me out for the weekend. I feel bad for the primary on-call… he had it much worse.

I’m still not sure where I’ll be in a month and that’s a little scary. But at the moment, getting away from supporting this application and the on-call requirements outweigh that. I can’t wait to have my life back. Thankfully though it looks like I have another project or two that will at least help me pay off some more debt. It’ll help me fill up my portfolio too, so that’ll be awesome.

Meanwhile, I’ve been putting my mixer to a lot of use. I tried to make chocolate chip cookies on Christmas and they came out all wrong. Since then it’s like I have a mission to figure out how to make the perfect cookies.

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