Sorry about that!

If you’ve stopped by my site at all over the past couple of weeks and found my site in various stages of disarray, I apologize. I was in the middle of migrating to a new web server when I realized I had been hacked, so I bumped up my plans to switch over instead of taking my time. Meanwhile I was trying to integrate my forum and my blog – and they weren’t playing nice.

I’ve reinstalled WordPress and Vanilla … several dozens of times (I’ve lost count at this point). I’ve come across a number of different problems due to the dns update, trying to make things more secure, the phase of the moon, etc. I’m working on writing up a more thorough how-to – and it will be very long. Keep an eye out for that.

Meanwhile, I have most of the data imported. I’m working on finishing it up (while continuously testing the forum). Plugins/extensions come next, followed lastly by templating the site to make it look better… So I apologize for the ugliness.

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