Copyright Violations

I signed into DeviantART for the first time in a while yesterday. Unfortunately I found a comment on my wings sketch that was a little upsetting.

Gah, Im sorry. I saw these wings in photobucket and someone said it was theres and I could use them. 🙁 Ill delete them of my work right away. I really am sorry.

I really appreciated that they came to me and let me know – and even removed them from their work. I don’t yet know who on Photobucket is claiming that my sketch is THEIRS and “authorizing” people to use them.

I really don’t like it when I find my wings in other people’s “works”. Most of the time though, they honestly don’t know any better. That’s why I have since watermarked the sketch and even added a Creative Commons license and lots of CAPITALIZATION to try to make it clear that they are not a stock image.

I spent some time searching Photobucket for “wings”. I thought I was almost done when I realized that there were 58 THOUSAND (58,000) results – and not 58 hundred (5,800). I was heartbroken when I realized that. I’ve spent hours scrolling through page after page. After 988 pages of just under 20,000 images… I’ve found over 20 copies of my wings in various states and sizes.

*does the math* Wow. That’s one offense per 1,000 images (or one every 50 pages). I guess it’s not quite as bad as I originally thought…

I’m torn on whether I’m going to finish going through ALL of the search results or not. It’s just so time consuming… If I don’t do it though, it’ll bother me that there still might be quite a bit out there – and I’ve already come this far…

I have an email prepped to report the offending images to Photobucket‘s copyright infringement department. Wish me luck!