I Finally Got My 3G iPhone!!!

I’m so happy (and completely exhausted)! I’ve been wanting for this for 1.5+ years now and I finally have it. I wish there was more storage so I wouldn’t need to rely on my ipod as much, but I think it’ll work out just fine. The top rated songs only take up approx. 1/2 the disk space (so far). That leaves 8GB for apps, movies (maybe only for travel), video podcasts, photos, etc.

I was pretty excited and spun up last night and didn’t get more than a couple of hours of sleep. I arrived around 6:45am at one of the 2 local stores (the one that wasn’t in the mall). There were somewhere around 15-20 people in line ahead of me – much better than I was expecting.

iPhone 3G Line

About 10-15 minutes later, KC & Chris arrived and were already 4 people behind me. Shortly thereafter, the line just about doubled. I don’t think it got too much longer than that.

iPhone 3G Line

Around 7:45 they came around with a nice high-quality printout with “preparation” info on it – the available plans, the phone choices, accessories, notes like “check your voicemail because you will lose any saved messages when you activate your iPhone”, etc. Steve was kind enough to bring us breakfast and caffeinated beverages. >YUM< Some of the guys up front sold their spots for like $50. I think an older couple (and maybe one or two other individuals) gave up way too early. heh The doors opened at 8, and quite a few people seemed to be let in at first. There were people from the local newspaper - asking a few questions to people in line nearby and taking photos. One of the AT&T people (the manager?) rolled out a cooler and offered us some bottled water - that was really kind of them. I would have partaken, but I was just finishing up some caffeinated sugar beverage - I mean, mocha coolatta. The people in line around us were pretty cool. Some of them I even knew - kind of. There was a family in front of me and their little kids were sweet. 🙂 Around 9:30 it felt like I could aaaaaalmost touch the door...

iPhone 3G Line

Then they came out and apologized for the delays. The system was so overwhelmed that the iTunes activation part was crashing. Not long after, they came out again and said that they had 11 remaining – 8 x 16 GB white, and 8 x 8 GB black. A lot of people were disappointed because they were out of the 16 GB black – that’s what I had intended to get. KC bought the last iPhone (on the far right below).

iPhone 3G Line

I ended up getting the white 16 GB iPhone – and it’s really grown on me. I’m still getting settled in and learning my way around. I’ll probably post more photos on flickr over the next few days or so.

Now I really need to get a case for it before I drop it. I’m also waiting for GelaSkins to release their 3G iPhone skins. I’ve wanted this one since I first saw it. 🙂

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