Motivation and Opportunities

Things have been crazy lately. Due to funding problems they had to let a large number of people go at my company over the past couple of months. At first it was just upper management-types and people that we didn’t know what it was that they actually did. The last round they let go around 15 of the people in my office alone – many were friends and team members (we’re estimating somewhere around 1/4 of the company). So far I’ve been “safe” because I’m a jack-of-all-trades and they can put me on almost any team.

They let most of the people go with the hopes of bringing them back once we pick up more billable work. So far we’ve only brought one person back that I know of. That gave everyone hope at first – but we haven’t heard too much about new projects. I love the company, but things aren’t looking too good.

It seems like most of the people that remain don’t have enough to do. Perhaps it’s a short lull. Most of our billable work has to be done on the weekends, so a lot of people (including me) have had to shift their work schedule to accommodate. The rest of the time… we sit around waiting for emails or something else to do. There’s really no reason to come into the office most days.

Right now I’m split between two projects. One has minimal work during the week, but I make up for that on the weekends. The other has no management or direction. I’m left with having to read through a list of very dry documents, and do whatever I can to learn more about the application I’m supposed to start supporting. The only other guy left on the team is busy traveling to client sites and actually working. I have to tell ya, this situation isn’t very motivating – but I don’t want to think of the alternative.

I don’t feel comfortable actively looking for another job. I mean, just look at my websites! They’re hideous! What a time to start everything from scratch with a complete overall. And I don’t exactly have Photoshop installed on my work computer to clean them up when things are slow. My evenings are taken up by school work and house & garden work…

There’s a possibility of a great new opportunity in the Boston area that I would LOVE to have, but again, I’m not too confident because my portfolio isn’t up to snuff. After all, would you prefer to spend your time on school work, helping friends with their websites, or updating your own websites? My websites are the lowest priority. *sigh

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