Syncing OS X’s Address Book With GMail Contacts

I’ve been on a quest to update all of everyone’s contact information in my address book so that I can sync it with my new iPhone. During the process I found an option to sync OS X’s address book with Gmail. Sounded like something that could be useful – right?

Don’t do it to yourself. Just don’t. Unless each person you have only has 1 email address. As I was sorting through more and more contacts each day, I started noticing duplicates and triplicates of some people’s address cards. I assumed that it had something to do with the Gmail syncing, but I wasn’t exactly why. Until now.

Gmail only allows 1 email address per contact. The OS X address book app will allow multiple. For some people I have 5 email addresses. Address book syncs with Gmail – and Gmail splits each address to its own contact. Then syncs back. Oops.

I’ve stopped syncing Gmail and the address book. It just seems simpler that way. If I’m ever in need of an address that’s not in my Gmail contact list, I can just look it up quickly in my iPhone.

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