Forum Back Online

As of today, the forum is back online.

Unfortunately, I gave up on migrating the old data over. There were too many discrepancies between Vanilla and bbPress database table structure and requirements. Renaming/rearranging the tables are easy enough, but I don’t have the experience or time to try to make work-arounds for the more complicated discrepancies that I found, and then hope that it doesn’t break anything. I did give it a try though. 🙂

We didn’t have any critical data on the forum, so I figured that it wouldn’t hurt too much to start from scratch. It has a very similar layout to previous incarnations, and the access has been restricted similarly as well.

I installed bbPress since it integrates with WordPress a lot easier and more dependably than Vanilla does.

Your old account will still work unless it was removed due to complete inactivity. You can login through WordPress here on my website’s front page, or directly via the forum – both access the same user information.