Recent Months at a Glance

As I may have said in previous entries, I’ve been tweeting regularly, so my “need” for blogging hasn’t been all that high. The last couple of months have been a bit of a whirlwind and I’ll try to summarize without getting too detailed. Perhaps I’ll break it up into multiple entries… And apologies if my thoughts jump around a bit.

I’ve started reading up or stumbling onto more technical “blogs” and have toyed with the idea of moving to something more along those lines as I learn and find solutions to various problems. For now I think I’ll keep up what I’ve been doing and just categorize my entries and add technical posts as I have in the past. Probably “news”, “journal”, and “tech” for things like SharePoint, Powershell, and WordPress customization, etc. Maybe a “review” section for movie/game reviews? We’ll see.

The economy sucks, but we’re making our way through it without too much difficulty. So far. Steve found a new job that he loves. It has stability, is a bit of a challenge for him, and he loves it. I can’t help but feel a little jealousy, but that’s drastically outweighed by how happy I am that he’s finally found a job that he really loves with a great team of people.

One of my oldest friends relocated for a job about 2 years ago? They sold their house and moved everything 10+ hours from anyone they knew, bought a new house, etc. Only to be laid off due to the economy and budget cuts. It was a long search for a job even for someone as knowledgeable and talented as he is, but he finally found something. Congrats to him. Even though it’s a 6 month project, it must be quite the relief.

We had the pleasure of spending a bit of time with these friends over the holidays. The drive was long, but it was nice to get away for a bit. Oh, and there was Steak & Shake šŸ™‚ I took a number of photos (though not nearly as much as I probably should have). I’ve been hoping to upload those to my Flickr account soon. Keep an eye out for those.

Meanwhile, (back to the economy) my company has been laying off on average once each month since… June-ish? No layoffs in December though. I think we’re finally getting more projects, but they’re also giving away quite a bit of service for free as “value add”. This is both helping and hurting us I think.

I originally only took the job because it paid the bills. I didn’t want to get back into IT, but you need to eat, right? I’ve stayed because I love the people – though I still long for a career in something more creative. Now that probably 1/2 the employees are gone, there’s more fear about stability, and less reason for me to want to stay as my friends either leave or get let go.

In today’s economy, do you try to hold on to the job that you actually have, or actively look for something more “rewarding”?

The geek in me loves building VMs for Windows Servers to setup SharePoint environments and tinker with development. The artist in me wants to finally start my webcomic, do more illustration & graphic design, as well as finally build up a web design portfolio. Perhaps the combination of the two will help lead me into a career for branding SharePoint?

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