WordPress & Vanilla Integration – Revisited?

I really don’t know what to think these days. I’ve fought to get WordPress 2.5x integrated with Vanilla forums last year, and failed horribly. Although, I thought I had succeeded a number of times – only to have it somehow breakdown without any modifications.

Eventually I gave up and went to bbPress. I forget the reasoning, but for some reason I went with the alpha version. Perhaps it integrated more readily with the new version of WordPress? It works, but there are quirks.

I should actually say, it worked. I updated bbPress, and it appeared to work ok. However, now you can’t actually open any threads. Odd. So its’ a forum where you can only login and see what is there, but not open or reply to anything? How useful. hahahaha

Now that the forum is just about completely hosed (and I haven’t figured out why yet), along with the original quirks… I’m tempted to give the WordPress+Vanilla another try. Or, I was.

Then I went back to that original thread that is apparently still active. It looks like people have been recently attempting this with the current versions with even less luck than before…?

I’ll think about it. For now I just need to get my new design up and functional – and THEN consider major hackory on my forum. But until then, the forum may be unusable 🙁