The Slippers and the Stairs

In case you were wondering – I don’t recommend falling down stairs. Even if it’s only a short few.

I’m quite the klutz. I’ve come to accept that fact over the years, but that doesn’t mean that I have to like it. Last night while preparing to go see Coraline, my slippers.. slipped out from under me and I tumbled down a couple of stairs. In an attempt to stop or slow my fall, I reached out onto the kitchen counter and pulled down a box filled with cans of vegetables which came tumbling down along with me. D’oh!

Only a scene that I could produce, I’m sure. lol I was on the phone at the time and I can only imagine what my friend thought as he heard the commotion, then suddenly “..I’m gonna have to.. call you back… [click]”

My other arm ended up with quite the little welt, scrapes, and I think I bruised the bone a bit. No blood thankfully. It feels a bit better now as long as I don’t touch it or lean on it. Meanwhile, the large welt and bruising on my butt… well, it’s so… glorious (I guess that’s a way of describing it) that I’m tempted to take a photo to document it! hahaha