Photoshop World, Boston, 2009

If you’ve been following my tweets, you know that I just returned from Photoshop World ’09 in Boston.

I – had – a – blast.

I’m SO glad that I attended, and would will absolutely be going again. Hopefully soon! I didn’t realize that NAPP was made up of such a great group of people – both employees, and members. Seriously. I went there on my own, made some friends, learned some stuff, and had a ball.

First I’d like to thank Mark (@tweakt) for letting me crash on his couch so that I could afford the trip in the first place. Thanks again! Would’ve been nice to actually hang out more while I was in town, but the schedule of events for PSW was pretty crazy as you saw. hahaha

I met a number of the forum peeps from the NAPP forums. They were all incredibly friendly and welcoming. My new buddies Lisa & Dave sage (@Lisa_Sage) – had a lot of amusing conversations with them. I was very excited to finally meet Nancy (@NAPP_News) – OMG she’s such a sweetheart! Margaret & April (@AprilAndrews?) were both cool – I ran into them a number of times. April has an awesome purse, and Margaret had a cool haircut so I could spot either in a crowd 😉 I met Firgs (@Firgs) of course! She’s a riot! hahahaha I can’t believe she talked RC into having the whole crowd do “the wave” right before the Closing Ceremonies started. Met Don Ricklin (@DonRicklin) the first night and realized just how small a world it is. Back in high school I knew his niece and nephew!

Met & bumped into a handful of others that I’m sorry I didn’t spend more time with and will probably get some of their names wrong… Hask/Harold was always smiling & friendly. Then there was Jeff (@jtamagini?), Will?, Roux (@LRoux?), Elizabeth (@egower), … and a number of others that I can’t think of at the moment. Too wiped from the trip – but I’m surprised I actually remember that many. 🙂

As for the instructors and staff – everyone was awesome (including Nancy mentioned above). I can’t believe how approachable everyone was! The instructors were knowledgeable and funny. Bert Monroy – as I said on Twitter – his work and knowledge just blows me away. He’s very inspiring. I wanted to send a special thanks to RC (@LayersTV_RC). He’s a big sweetheart and really helped make sure that I had a great time and felt at home. Thanks again RC!

Getting tired, and I’m dwindling, so I’ll have to stop there. I’m sorry for all those that I know I’ve forgotten. It was a pleasure to meet and spend time with you all.

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