Ajax CalendarExtender Cropping Off Days

I’m currently working on a project to extend SharePoint’s capabilities with some C# .NET stuff. This is been quite the learning experience for me, since I’m not a developer or programmer by any stretch of the terms.

The latest oddity that I’ve run into is with the CalendarExtender. It’s supposed to look like this:

However, at some point it started looking like this:

Apparently some people aren’t so lucky as to have the calendar cells cutoff mid-cell. That behavior was my first clue. Also, this strange display was only happening in the GridViews. This is not something programmatic with the CalendarExtender settings – it’s caused by the CSS. At some point I had set padding and margin on the tables and cells to make the content more readable which cascaded down to the calendar.

This issue is discussed a bit here, and the solutions may work for you. They didn’t quite work for me.

A cleaner summary of the issue and a simple solution can be found here as well.

If neither of those quite do the trick, this is the full description of everything you should need to know about the CSS for the CalendarExtender.

Happy Hunting!

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