Things I Wish the iPhone Could Do

Don’t get me wrong – I love my iPhone. I’m not quite a zealot, but I’m a big fan. Ok, maybe I’m a little bit of a zealot. But I admit that there are still some things that I wish the iPhone could do.

There aren’t too many. Some are just annoyances, but there are a few that would take the user experience to the next level.

  1. A simple one to start: Continue to display the current time when receiving a phone call.
  2. The ability to configure battery saving preferred settings (like “turn off GPS, Bluetooth, and Wifi”), then “activate” them just by tapping an app icon. Touch the same app icon to set it back.  I’m tired of having to go in several places to turn items on and off when I’m on the go.
  3. Custom ring profiles similar to the Blackberry. I’d like to be able to set rules on how the phone behaves when receiving emails, texts, or calls with various criteria.

If I can have those 3 things, I would be a much happier iPhone owner.

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