Whirlwind of a Summer

Crazy times.

Cliff’s Notes version of this summer:
It’s been raining an awful lot so we haven’t spent much time outside. Thankfully we took this year off from gardening. Went to Chicago for the 4th (still have yet to fix up, resize & upload photos from that trip). VNV Nation concert in NYC a few weeks ago – always fun. Finally made it to Connecticon – got to meet the guys/gal from AppleGeeks, Johnny Wander, Questionable Content, and xkcd. Steve’s been traveling a lot for work. Leaving town to attend an old friend’s wedding in less than a month. Still haven’t finished renovating our bedroom.

I think that generically sums up everything that we’ve done. Not sure what’s in store for the Fall or Winter yet. Still trying to “get my sketch on” – and making progress! More on that soon I hope.

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