Renovations Almost Done!

The first floor renovations on our house are nearly done! We’ve almost finished the minimum needed in order to meet our goal – host Thanksgiving. We’ll still have a bit of work to do on the front section of the first floor, but that’s functional-enough and not really necessary at the moment. I doubt we’ll have time to move forward with that remaining portion – and if we did, it’d just be opening a big can of worms (re: would make a big mess).

Once that’s all done, we’re going to finish scrubbing the house down – it’s collected a TON of dust and dirt and clutter from the nearly-6-month-long renovation project. And then – BAKING! My favorite part.

Once we make it through the weekend, I want to focus on finishing up that front portion of the first floor. Why? Because that’s where my drawing desk (I call that section, “my studio”) is located, and I’m just itching to be able to put it to use! Do I smell a New Year’s resolution?

We’ll see.

Anyway. I’m going to go through the probably-hundreds of photos that I’ve collected from the renovation so far and post some before-during-after photos on the house blog. Keep an eye open for those! What a difference… It’s a whole new house!

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