Problems Adding ListViews to DispForm.aspx in SharePoint 2007

Strange problems when attempting to add ListViews to the DispForm.aspx (kind of similar to the breakage of attachments of a customized EditForm.aspx).

If you use the trick to add web parts so that you don’t unghost the page… ListViews added will not display the title, or a border. They’re “stuck” with a default. If you convert it to a DVWP, everything’s snazzy.

If you want to use a query string filter, this also will not work. You will need a DVWP to do this.
Add a LVWP to the page using the trick above, then open in SPD and Convert to DVWP. Then setup a query string parameter to filter the DVWP on. As long as you don’t start monkeying with the code, making these changes in SPD doesn’t seem to unghost the page.

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