Jack of all trades, master of none
though ofttimes better than master of one.

Ramblings of a of a geek who loves puzzle games, travel, being artistic, learning a little bit about everything, and tinkering with computers. See the links for more information and where I spend my time.

This site is broken up into a few different categories:

  • My “Journal” – general blog about my life. This isn’t update as much as it used to since I’ve started using Twitter.
  • “News” – some general notes and status updates on the website, forum, and web server, etc.
  • “How-Tos and Reviews” – pretty much everything else. Reviews of movies, concerts, software, hardware, etc. Instructions on tasks that I’ve worked through on SharePoint, WordPress, general web design, etc.


If you’re looking for someone who likes to be creative, pays attention to detail (a bit of a perfectionist), and can do a little of everything from installing and configuring a web server to designing and laying out business cards, and picks up new concepts quickly – check out my LinkedIn page and send me an email.

What I’m Reading