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Photoshop World, Boston, 2009

If you’ve been following my tweets, you know that I just returned from Photoshop World ’09 in Boston.

I – had – a – blast.

I’m SO glad that I attended, and would will absolutely be going again. Hopefully soon! I didn’t realize that NAPP was made up of such a great group of people – both employees, and members. Seriously. I went there on my own, made some friends, learned some stuff, and had a ball. (more…)

Flash Portfolio Coming Soon

I’m working on putting together a Flash-based portfolio – so keep a look out for that.

Until then, if you’re looking to see any of my previous Flash work, you can find them on my school portfolio site here. I’m not working as many evenings or weekends, so I hope to have a better portfolio online soon.

Quick Theme Update

I couldn’t take it. I have too many projects that I’m working on, and too much school work… that I need to get started on. I found a fun theme that could hold me over for the moment until I had time to finally break down and decide on an idea and stick with it long enough to create my own theme. It doesn’t have the Journal stripped out of the main page, and /journal doesn’t work at the moment, but all the content is easily found for now.


P.S. Sorry!! The forum’s still broken. I’m in the middle of mapping out the database tables between Vanilla and bbPress to see how that works out…

Life is good

Things are going really well. My brother appears to be settling in well in his new place far from “home” and even making friends. His job is sounding like it’s requiring less travel, stress, and hours, and he’s even taking kung-fu classes!

My job changed, and I should be getting the full details of my projects tomorrow – I’m very excited. No more on-call. Yay! I have a life now. Yay again! I’m getting out and walking with the dog (it’ll be more often once it gets warmer outside). I’m working on a website with a friend for our favorite local restaurant in exchange for food. I have a growing list of design projects for another company to work on. One of the projects is a new logo design – and I think I’m finally on to something that will fit well. These projects will also help finally pay off some debt. Our taxes have been submitted and accepted – and are really nice this year because we bought the house. That should help give us a small buffer as well as catch up on a couple of things. I’m also actually making decent progress on my school work as well!

It’s amazing what some “spare” time can do.

Now to make progress on redoing the master bedroom. Ha!


I’ve been resurrecting a couple of older “sitelets” from my ancient website backups.

Make-URL lives again (and with its own domain)! I still have a bunch of “features” and checks to it, but it works. Mostly. Keep checking back.

I also brought back my little site dedicated to the progress of my design classes. I still like the overall look and feel. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s nice and uses a bit of PHP for the snazzy side menu, navigation, and setting the page titles. I’m just updating the content and doing a bit of housecleaning on it. I hope to at least have this one done before the end of the weekend. The Make-URL site will probably be several weeks before I consider it “finished.”