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Daylight Savings

Maybe I’m not used to the new schedule of Daylight Savings. Or maybe I’ve just never had a handle on remembering the time change unless I’m reminded. We didn’t realize it happened until late last night when we were watching tv. We noticed the clock on the cable box read one time, while the analog clock above it read an hour earlier. We checked our phones which confirmed the cable box’s time, but my wrist watch and other analog clocks confirmed the other analog clock… Talk about confusing ourselves. We were exhausted from working on the master bedroom walls for the first time in 4 months and were totally baffled by what was happening. lol


I’m *SO* glad that DST is done. We’ve been busting our butts working on updating all of the server OS’s, applications, databases, etc., in preparation for DST for… 2 months now? Thank god it’s over. Maybe now I’ll be able to get some sleep or have some form of a life outside of work.

Granted, I didn’t need to work as much as I did. But the UNIX team had it tough because all of their servers’ patches were so out of date that they needed additional resources – and I volunteered to help whenever I could.

Maybe now we can finish the upstairs bedroom walls. We moved in, removed the wallpaper, and then got sucked into work projects and DST remediation for 8+ weeks and haven’t even finished unpacking. At this point we’re thinking of canceling the house warming party and just having a big outdoor bbq party or something in the summer.

Ugh – DST

So… If you haven’t heard – Daylight Saving Time is moving. This is a nightmare for anyone in IT. We’ve been patching, patching, patching. I’m so exhausted from all of this. What really sucks is that the vendors are giving us patches, and then after we start applying them to the OS, database or application – we find out that it won’t work and then have to start over! Or there’s a bug in it or we find out the hard way that it breaks things and so we have to get a newer version, rebuild servers, or find a work-around.

What a headache.

So if you haven’t figured it out, we’re going to hold off a bit until we have the house warming. We just don’t have the time or energy right now – and the house is a mess.