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The Last HOPE


The Last HOPE has come to an end. I can’t wait until The Next HOPE. They were originally expecting that this would be the last one (hence the name) because of plans to tear down Hotel Pennsylvania. Apparently the economy is so horrible that those plans have now been delayed – and so they’re planning another HOPE for 2010.


I had a blast. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I ended up having a great time. I missed the Segway racing =( but saw some neat (and otherwise indescribable) “art”. Many of the talks didn’t sound particularly interesting to me, but once I sat down at them and listened for a few minutes I was glad that I went. The more talks I attended, the more I wanted to go to.


The highlight of the weekend was Adam Savage. He only had an hour and I would have happily sat there for several (compared to Jello Biafra who had 2 hours – and no matter how much inspiring and interesting things he had to say, I can only listen to him talk for so long). Adam seamed genuinely humbled and ecstatic to be there. His “talk” was only about 15 minutes, and gave the rest of the hour to the fans for questions. This time spent listening to his stories and talking to the fans in the crowd only increased my respect an admiration for him and the Mythbusters.



Several (but not nearly all) of the photos taken have been resized and uploaded to Flickr here as well as embedded in this journal entry. I may upload more there after I return from my next trip. Until then, I hope enjoy what I’ve uploaded so far.

Don’t Touch My Wii

I do not yet own a Wii – though I really want one. The local stores don’t have them in stock, so I don’t yet have to worry about the strength of my will power to save some money and resist buying one just yet. If you haven’t played a Wii, I suggest you give it a try. The graphics aren’t the most beautiful and anti aliased – but they’re not supposed to be. It’s just ridiculously fun. Most geeks know that, and are either lucky/geeky enough to already have one, or are just waiting for them to become available so they can buy one.

Setup: Friend/coworker #1 will be bringing his Wii over to our place this weekend so that we can play. Friend/coworker #2 will be bringing his Wii’s controllers and games to supplement what the first friend’s bringing so that more people can play at once. Friend/coworker #3 does not own a Wii.

Friend/Coworkers #2 & 3 are standing around in my cubicle yesterday chatting about the Wii.

F/C#3: “Perhaps you should bring your Wii console on Saturday as well, so that I can steal it and bring it home with me and have a Wii of my own.”

F/C#2: “If you steal my Wii, I will have to feed you your kneecaps. With Alfredo sauce.”

Me to F/C#2: “I will be quoting you in my blog. That was just too great to not quote.”

F/C#2: “Awesome!”

Gotta love geeks.