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Kitchen Mayhem

Is this think on? *taps mic

Every time we just start getting caught up on things, we start a new project.

We’ve wanted to renovate our kitchen since day 1. Somehow we’ve managed to delay doing anything about it for 8 years. In that time we’ve been slowly going through each room and gutting it, insulating, refinishing the floors, etc. Finally last July we decided to try to do the most minor kitchen renovation that we could think of – relaminate the counter tops.

That, of course, turned into a slightly bigger project – which we never finished. Fast forward to about a month ago and we decided to finish it… Then we changed our minds and decided to gut the entire kitchen and start over.

Now we have an empty room with a subfloor. At least we have the walls insulated & put back up, right? We just primed & painted most of the walls over the weekend. There isn’t any trim or outlets, etc., but at least it’s finally starting to look like a room again. We should have the floors complete in about a week. Then, we start assembling and installing the cabinets.

We won’t have a finished kitchen for a long while though. We still have 1 vital cabinet on back-order and we won’t be able to have the countertops (and sink, and dishwasher, etc.) installed until that cabinet arrives. Then we play the waiting game of scheduling the countertop template and installation. Once we have that final cabinet installed it’s probably going to take a good 2-3 weeks before the kitchen is done.

Well, mostly done.

We still haven’t decided on what to do about the backsplash. We’ll likely end up using the kitchen without a backsplash for weeks/months before we finally decide on the tile/style for that. But hey – at least it’ll be a functional kitchen!

In the meantime, the house is trashed and we’re tired of take-out. It’s tough finding anything in the mess of boxes and kitchen stuff that has been scattered to the far ends of the house & garage. I just need to keep telling myself that this kitchen is going to be TOTALLY worth it in the end. It’s truly going to be a cook’s kitchen, and we’re going to absolutely love it.

In Memory

I lost an old friend yesterday. Her name was Rockie, and she was an amazing cat.

I had her for 13 years – since she was the tiniest kitten you could imagine. A rescue found on the side of a field with her father and the rest of her litter. She was the runt, and the last one left. We grew up together and I loved her dearly. (more…)

Renovations Almost Done!

The first floor renovations on our house are nearly done! We’ve almost finished the minimum needed in order to meet our goal – host Thanksgiving. We’ll still have a bit of work to do on the front section of the first floor, but that’s functional-enough and not really necessary at the moment. I doubt we’ll have time to move forward with that remaining portion – and if we did, it’d just be opening a big can of worms (re: would make a big mess). (more…)

Too Slow

I need to speed up my blogging. Maybe I’m tweeting too much and don’t have the stamina for a full length blog post. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t had time or the need at work to write up involved how-tos lately? I could just be frazzled from the busy summer and wedding planning.

It’s taking me too long to get around to returning to my drafts, and collecting the steps and/or details to finish my blog posts. My drafts are building up! I really just need to buckle down and finish them. At least I have the forethought to start the drafts with notes as I think of them so I can return to them later 🙂


I’m going to try to start blogging more often. It won’t be every day, but definitely more frequently than once every six months.

I stopped for a while because Twitter was covering my micro-blogging needs and I wasn’t up for writing long posts. But I’ve started accumulating a number of How-Tos that I want to finish writing up. I also think it’ll be a nice distraction from working and planning the wedding.

I’m still slowly working on fixing the remaining bugs on the site. I’ve made some progress over the past few weeks, but there are still a few out there – like the pagination. I’m still really eager to theme the forum too. I’m hoping that DreamWeaver CS5 helps remove any excuses that I have for procrastinating, because it REALLy does make working with CMSes and forums a lot faster and easier.

Keep checking back!