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Continued Progress

More progress has been made. There’s more functionality, and a few things have been fixed & cleaned up. The Archives page is readable, and there’s now both a functional “Journal” & “About” page. There are still bugs on my ToDo list though.

Still to do: Fix the weird horizontal scrolling; Fix the pagination; Clean up the CSS & the comment posting forms, etc.; Add a captcha solution & enable anyone to post comments.

Redesign Up. Kind of.

I have to run to Boston for Photoshop World. I wanted to have the new design up before I left – and it’sĀ  not finished just yet.Ā  There are still a few unfinished bits and a couple of quirks, but here it is!

Hope you enjoy. I have to run. Will work on cleaning things up as time allows.

Redesign… Almost here?

I’m actually moving forward with the new site design. I still like it even after working with it for this long. šŸ™‚ I like the grunge of the current wordpress theme, but I would prefer something cleaner – at least for a while. I’m sticking with blue (as usual), but overall it will be more colorful and bright. Mostly.

I have most of the code written. I just need to fix one bug before I finish tweeking the CSS and then plug in the WordPress code. Here’s a small preview image.

Redesign Preview

Redesign Preview

Another Redesign Idea – Plus Wishlist Goodness!

First and most importantly, I updated my wishlist. You know, in case anyone out there wanted to pick something up for me and wasn’t sure what to get… šŸ™‚ (more…)

Quick Theme Update

I couldn’t take it. I have too many projects that I’m working on, and too much school work… that I need to get started on. I found a fun theme that could hold me over for the moment until I had time to finally break down and decide on an idea and stick with it long enough to create my own theme. It doesn’t have the Journal stripped out of the main page, and /journal doesn’t work at the moment, but all the content is easily found for now.


P.S. Sorry!! The forum’s still broken. I’m in the middle of mapping out the database tables between Vanilla and bbPress to see how that works out…