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Boston & Autumn Colors

Fall is here. The leaves are changing colors – but I’m afraid that it’s been so dry lately that the color will be extremely short-lived.

I’m still working on my Design & Comp class. It’s due soon and I need to finish it up ASAP. I also want to brush up on my basic Photoshop skills because I’m headed to my first ever Photoshop seminar next week. I’m very excited about it – I’m such a dork.

Things have been significantly less stressful at work since I’ve stepped down as Team Lead. Now I can focus on all of my projects and technical work instead of trying to figure out politics.

Happy Sunroof Day!

Today was great. Most of the week is supposed to be in the 50’s. Granted – that’s not exactly warm, but it’s not cold. We haven’t been wearing our jackets, and today we even opened the sunroof when we went to lunch for the first time all year!