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Can’t Find PowerShell Modules Shortcut

The new server build process seemed to have changed slightly for my most recent SharePoint 2010 server. Everything looked for the most part as it should, but there were still a couple of minor things here and there that just seemed slightly different.

Fast forward in time – I have SharePoint installed, patched, and configured. Now I need to run some PowerShell commands to check a few things – but there aren’t any PowerShell items under All Programs > Administrative Tools as there is on my other servers. Sure, I have the basic “Windows PowerShell” folder under “Accessories,” but that’s about it.

Normally I’d say “ok, no problem” and move on, but I wasn’t even able to add my SharePoint snapin in a normal PowerShell window as a work around:

PS C:\>add-pssnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell
The local farm is not accessible. Cmdlets with FeatureDependencyId are not registered.

After a bit of research I found that it’s an issue with some combination of Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, .NET 4, and PowerShell 3. Doesn’t Microsoft make all 3 of these? Why can’t they play well?

Anyway. No need to uninstall .NET 4 or any crazy work-arounds. Just go to Control Panel > Uninstall a Program > View installed updates > and search on “Windows Management Framework.” You’ll likely have “Microsoft Windows Management Framework 3.0 (KB2506143)” installed.

Uninstall Windows Management Framework 3

Uninstall it and reboot when finished.

Like magic, I now have my “Windows PowerShell Modules” app link that loads everything I need, as well as the “SharePoint 2010 Management Shell” under the SharePoint folder!

Thanks to Trevor’s answer in this thread for saving my day. I figured I’d post this here for my own future reference, and also because my scenario started out slightly different than original topic in that thread.

SharePoint 2010 ‘allowInsecureTransport’ error

I’ve been working with SharePoint 2010 and Word Automation Services quite a bit these days. I recently ran into an error that I just could not figure out. There’s very little out there on teh interwebs, and the only solution that I found sounded perfect. At first.

When attempting to convert a file from .docx to .pdf via Word Automation Services we were receiving:

Unrecognized attribute ‘allowInsecureTransport’. Note that attribute names are case-sensitive. (D:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\14.0\WebServices\WordServer\Proxy.config line 77)

This was a brand new SharePoint install and everything appeared to be configured correctly. The ONLY solution that I could find was to apply a .NET hotfix (KB976462). It made sense. It sounded perfect! However… the .dlls that the hotfix wanted to apply were at an older version than what was already on the SharePoint server. At this point, we opened a case with Microsoft… (more…)

Problems Adding ListViews to DispForm.aspx in SharePoint 2007

Strange problems when attempting to add ListViews to the DispForm.aspx (kind of similar to the breakage of attachments of a customized EditForm.aspx).

If you use the trick to add web parts so that you don’t unghost the page… ListViews added will not display the title, or a border. They’re “stuck” with a default. If you convert it to a DVWP, everything’s snazzy.

If you want to use a query string filter, this also will not work. You will need a DVWP to do this.
Add a LVWP to the page using the trick above, then open in SPD and Convert to DVWP. Then setup a query string parameter to filter the DVWP on. As long as you don’t start monkeying with the code, making these changes in SPD doesn’t seem to unghost the page.

Quick Tip: Display Number as Month

Quick tip for you today! I need to do some math on months and don’t want require the users to enter a full date. I created the “Month” column as a number field, no decimals, not required, min value 1, max value 12. Now I’m able to do any calculation that I want on the month value, but my views and DVWPs display the number, and I want to be able to display it as the actual month from time to time.

I created a calculated column that I titled “MonthName”. Here are some quick formulas that you can use in your calculated column that will convert your 1-12 number into a month name.

=TEXT([MonthNumColumn],"mmmm") will give you “December” for a value of “12”
=TEXT([MonthNumColumn],"mmm") will give you “Dec” for a value of “12”
HOWEVER, this seemed to only return values for December and January – and they were not actually accurate.

I thought that perhaps it was because the numbers were not all 2 digit, so I created a second calculated column that I titled “MonthNN” and used this formula (I know, starting to go down the rabbit hole):
And then adjusted the above calculated MonthName field to refer to this new calculated column. No change.

Then I attempted to use the “CHOOSE” function, but the “Month” field was not required and returned “#VALUE!” for any blank fields.

So I nested the CHOOSE function inside an IF statement, and it’s not the most elegant, but it works:


SPSearch Unable to Index WSS 3.0 Content Source

I’ve recently been running into problems with search on several WSS 3.0 SharePoint sites. It simply wasn’t returning results. They’re all configured the same way, so it’s no surprise that they’re all experiencing this problem. If it was MOSS, I would’ve had this resolved by now. I’m just not as fluent with WSS and familiar with its limitations. I’ve run out of GoogleFu mojo on this one, and ended up having to go through trial-by-error and spending several days banging my head on my desk before I figured it out. So here it is! (more…)