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Forum Login Problems

Awesome! The forum isn’t allowing logins? Sorry about that…

I didn’t make any changes to the forum, though I have been attempting to integrate WordPress with a new install of Vanilla. I didn’t think I had made any changes that would impact bbPress, but apparently… I did?

Check back later this weekend. Might need to continue moving forward with the Vanilla install and manual data migration.

Fun With SharePoint Migrations

In my latest project, we have installed MOSS 2007 in a client’s environment and are working on upgrading/migrating their old WSS 2003 content over. This is somewhere between a parallel and in-place upgrade. I’ve learned quite a bit along the way – mostly through trial and error. Lots of issues. Lots of quirks. Lots of workarounds.

This is a very long, and involved process – so far (it’s still in process) using nothing more than out of the box commands, and SharePoint Designer. (more…)

Quick-ish Manual WordPress Upgrade

Here’s a tip for those new to upgrading WordPress if you don’t like, or trust, the automatic upgrade. It’s relatively quick, easy, and leaves you with minimal downtime while still retaining the ability to revert back.

Note that I keep WordPress in its own folder to keep the files/folder structure on my webserver clean… It’s key in this upgrade method.

Forum Restored

All fixed! Well, for now. If you had an account on the forum, you can login and start posting again. I still need to finish up a few things like add plugins and themes, but otherwise, it’s functional again.


Upgrade, Break, then Fix

Ok. I had originally planned on spending the day working on my new site theme. Instead I ended up taking care of a handful of items on my to-do list, and updating WordPress.

Things went… strangely at first. But then I made a few tweaks and it all seemed to work out in the end! Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be able to make acceptable progress on the theme. And maybe bring the forum back online too?