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Another Forum Move?

I’ve gone through so many forum solutions over the years. I moved to bbPress at some point a while ago because I was tired of trying to integrate Vanilla with WordPress. Unfortunately, bbPress doesn’t seem to be updated often, and is seriously lacking… almost everything.

I think it’s time to move back to Vanilla (again). It integrates so much better, and even though I absolutely loved it the last time I used it, it looks so much slicker now.

I’ve been doing some tinkering, and it’s NOT going to be an easy process. There’s a script that’s supposed to help with the migration – but it fails horribly for me no matter what I do to try to coerce into behaving. I’ve mapped out a lot of the fields (maybe I should actually write all of that down and share it) and that portion isn’t so bad. It’s the differences in the way that bbPress and Vanilla each store the content of the first post of each topic that’s going to be the biggest pain. Thankfully my little forum is pretty low traffic, so I can take my time.

So far I’ve tried a LOT of different approaches, and ruled them all out. I think I have a game plan now, and just need to sit down for a day and get it done. I’m hoping it actually works and I’m not wasting my time. It’s not entirely a waste though – I consider myself a database n00b, and hacking through all of this is teaching me quite a bit.

Forum Login Problems

Awesome! The forum isn’t allowing logins? Sorry about that…

I didn’t make any changes to the forum, though I have been attempting to integrate WordPress with a new install of Vanilla. I didn’t think I had made any changes that would impact bbPress, but apparently… I did?

Check back later this weekend. Might need to continue moving forward with the Vanilla install and manual data migration.

Quick-ish Manual WordPress Upgrade

Here’s a tip for those new to upgrading WordPress if you don’t like, or trust, the automatic upgrade. It’s relatively quick, easy, and leaves you with minimal downtime while still retaining the ability to revert back.

Note that I keep WordPress in its own folder to keep the files/folder structure on my webserver clean… It’s key in this upgrade method.

More Topics & Pages

The majority of my updates lately have been under this “News” category because I’ve been posting updates as I’m making progress on my redesign. I predominantly use Twitter for my regular journal/blog-like quick updates – but anything longer than that goes under the “Journal” category. What about everything else?

I have a couple of other categories that I use for writing up technical How-Tos and reviewing concerts, computer hardware/software, etc. Check the top navigation for a quick direct link to that page. Otherwise, browse each category via the Archvies page.

As I have time I will also be adding a “Links” page. Let me know if you’d like to be included or if I have an out of date link for you.


Registration & Comments Enabled!

Captcha has been fixed and is required for new user registrations and commenting without an account. I figured that not everyone’s going to want to register for yet another account somewhere if they want to just post a single comment, so I allowed unregistered users to add comments. If the spam gets too much (which it shouldn’t with the captcha) I will disable that again.