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Jack of All Trades…

…master of none…

I learned something from Adam Savage at The Last H.O.P.E. Prior to the convention, I had no idea there was more to that saying.  Hearing Adam complete it made me feel so much better about being a Jack-of-all-trades myself.

Jack of all trades, master of none,
though ofttimes better than master of one.

But the more I think about it lately, the more I’m not so sure. (more…)

Recent Months at a Glance

As I may have said in previous entries, I’ve been tweeting regularly, so my “need” for blogging hasn’t been all that high. The last couple of months have been a bit of a whirlwind and I’ll try to summarize without getting too detailed. Perhaps I’ll break it up into multiple entries… And apologies if my thoughts jump around a bit. (more…)

Flash Portfolio Coming Soon

I’m working on putting together a Flash-based portfolio – so keep a look out for that.

Until then, if you’re looking to see any of my previous Flash work, you can find them on my school portfolio site here. I’m not working as many evenings or weekends, so I hope to have a better portfolio online soon.

Ego Boost

I’ve been a member of a team of two (including myself) who supports MS SharePoint at our office for about 2 – 3 months now. My team member has been mentoring me to bring me up to speed on supporting SharePoint. He gave me one of the best compliments today. He said that he had spoken with a potential hire recently to assist with the interview process. This potential hire had a decent amount of knowledge and about 2-3 years of experience with SharePoint. He said that after only working with him for the past couple of months, I had equivalent – if not more – knowledge than this potential hire.

Wow. I knew I picked things up quickly (given that I was interested), but it’s hard to judge just how much until someone puts it in perspective for you. I think that made my day today. 🙂

Strange Times; Strange Dreams

I’m trying to keep busy at work, but it’s not very motivating when there’s no direction from management and little communication between the only other member of your team. This place is really going downhill.

People have left. People have been let go. On Thursday we were all on a “MANDATORY” conference call where we were yelled at for 45 minutes by our CEO for something that 90% of us had no idea what it was about. The structure is being rearranged pretty much weekly – yet it’s not being announced, so most people don’t know who they report to anymore. I think it’s only a matter of time before there’s a rash of more people leaving (perhaps myself included if I can get a portfolio together?). I love this company, but this environment isn’t very healthy at all. (more…)